Family-friendly - no proxy - for schools, libraries, businesses, etc.
Last modified on 25 April 2017 01:10 AM is the family-friendly version of StartPage by Ixquick located at Like, it’s free to use and delivers Google search results in privacy, but it doesn’t have the proxy or the highlighting option.

The proxy allows users to visit web pages anonymously, which is a terrific privacy feature, but it can interfere with restrictions set by some content filtering software. This has forced some libraries, schools and businesses to block Ixquick access. (You can learn more about the proxy here:

Because doesn’t have the proxy, it is filter friendly and can be enjoyed everywhere. In addition, is perfect for children because the default family-friendly settings that filter out adult content cannot be changed.

If your school, library, or organization is blocking Ixquick, try using If that is also blocked, please ask the Internet manager to whitelist filter-friendly

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