Does Ixquick add privacy protection to other sites I visit? Does it protect my bookmarks?
Last modified on 27 February 2016 01:08 AM

No, Ixquick does not add privacy protection to your bookmarked websites. The bookmarked websites are third-party websites and are not part of Ixquick. Your bookmarked websites are stored and accessed by your browser, not by us.

Ixquick protects your privacy as you search for information. No one can see you searching or what you have searched in the past if you use the Ixquick Proxy.

However, once you find your result in Ixquick and click on it, you are no longer actively on our website and our privacy protections do not apply. By leaving Ixquick and going to a different website, you allow that website to see your IP address and place tracking cookies on your browser. They are able to determine your location and possibly gather additional personally identifiable information about you. 

If you wish to use Ixquick to visit third-party websites with total privacy, you must use the Ixquick Proxy. There is nothing to install to use the Proxy; it is always available with every search you perform. Just click where it says "View by Ixquick Proxy" underneath the search result you wish to visit privately and the Proxy window will open, displaying that website's contents.

Our Proxy is an incredibly powerful privacy tool. An overview video introducing the Proxy and showing how it works can be found here. (NOTE: This is an external link...Clicking on this link will take you to YouTube!)

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