What is Ixquick and how does it protect me? (Basic introduction to search engines.)
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To understand how Ixquick protects your search data, you first need to understand how Ixquick works. Ixquick is a search engine that you open in a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. Your web browser can take you any place on the Internet you want to go; Ixquick is just one such web page you can visit.

Ixquick is a particular type of website known as a "search engine," a helpful cataloging website that you use when you are not sure where to find the information you're looking for. You are probably familiar with other search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We offer the same services, only we're smaller and more private.

You might use a search engine when, for example, you want a recipe for BBQ Ribs. You need some way to find all the websites that contain rib recipes. That's where Ixquick comes in.

When you go to our home page (https://ixquick.com) there is a search box with a blinking cursor. You can type any word or question into that box, and Ixquick will anonymously ask a variety of search engines to look up that topic. We get the top results and give them to you privately. 

When you type "BBQ ribs" into Ixquick and click ENTER, you will receive a page of blue, bold search results. Clicking on any of these results will take you away from Ixquick and onto a separate website -- a website containing recipes for ribs. The website you arrive at is unrelated to Ixquick, so Ixquick's privacy protections do not apply when you get there. 

Sometimes you already know where you want to go, because you know the website address of the site you're looking for. (Let's say, for instance, that your friend told you to check out (www.SomeRandomWebsite.com). You can use the Ixquick search engine to search for that site, or you can go to that site directly in your Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari browser by manually typing the address into the address bar at the top of the browser screen. If it's a site you visit often, you can save it in your browser's favorites or bookmarks, so all you have to do is click in your browser to go there. When you do either of these things, Ixquick is not involved in the process at all, since you never even visited our website.

Ixquick privacy protections only apply to SEARCHES you conduct THROUGH OUR WEBSITE. This is very important, because other search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing make a record of all of the things you search for, then use those search terms to create a dossier of information about you and your interests. Ixquick does not do this. That's why so many people are switching to Ixquick (and our sister-search engine StartPage)to protect their privacy.

However, even with these protections, you should know that once you leave Ixquick you can be seen, recorded, and tracked by all of the websites you visit--including that BBQ rib recipe website--plus you can be seen and targeted by all of their advertising and marketing partners and affiliates. Unfortunately, that's a nearly unavoidable part of using the Internet these days.

Ixquick does offer a very useful too to protect your privacy even when you leave our website. If you are performing a particularly private or sensitive search and you do not wish for your visit to a third-party website be tracked, you can use the 
Ixquick Proxy. The Proxy allows you to visit third-party websites THROUGH Ixquick without anyone, including the website and its advertising partners, seeing you.  

Our proxy service is unique, and the privacy protection it provides is not available through any other search engine. To learn more about the Ixquick Proxy y
ou can watch our short instructional video found here.

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