Does the proxy keep me safe all the time?
Last modified on 27 February 2016 01:06 AM

Ixquick returns search results to you in privacy, so whenever you perform a search, no one can see what you searched for. However, those protections end when you leave Ixquick's website and visit other websites, even if you originally found those websites through Ixquick.

Ixquick is a web page like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari that is opened in a browser. It's not software you install on your computer that confers permanent protection. Ixquick keeps your search topics from being stored and aggregated. As soon as you leave our web page you are back on the "normal" Internet, and subject to all of its tracking risks.

The Ixquick Proxy allows you to view websites other than Ixquick in privacy by loading a third-party's website contents onto our servers for you to view. It's protections only apply when you perform a Ixquick search AND click on the  "Proxy" link next to the green URL, for every single link that you wish to visit privately

Once you are in the proxy (and you can tell you are using the proxy when you see the Ixquick Proxy frame around the page), you can click on links and load more content privately. You can surf privately in this way for as long as you like, but once you close the window, the proxy protections cease.

The proxy is an incredibly powerful privacy tool. You can watch our video here.

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