How do I add Ixquick as a default search engine to my browser?
Last modified on 19 November 2017 10:32 PM

StartPage by Ixquickis available as a default search engine in various browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, and several others). By adding StartPage by Ixquick to you browser, you can easily perform a search directly from your browser's URL bar and/or search box, without having to go to the StartPage by Ixquick website first. Adding StartPage by Ixquick to your browser will give you instant access to our private search capability no matter where you go on the web.

You can easily add StartPage by Ixquick as a default search engine to your browser in just a few clicks. Please navigate to, and click the Add to [browser name] right below the search box. Follow the instructions given to add StartPage by Ixquick to your browser.

To learn how to manually add StartPage by Ixquickas a default search engine, click on one of the browser options below:

Note: YOu can also set StartPage by Ixquick as your browser's homepage. This way, it is available each time you open a new tab or window. Please follow the instructions given here to learn how to do this.

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