What makes Ixquick's mobile app so private?
Last modified on 06 June 2017 11:01 PM

The Ixquick Search app includes the same privacy features that make Ixquick the world's most private search engine.

  • All searches are encrypted.
  • We don't record your visit or your searches.
  • We never tell websites what you searched for.
  • The Ixquick Proxy makes you invisible to the websites you visit.

On top of these, we've added features that protect your privacy as you search and browse on your mobile device:

  • All tracking cookies are rejected.
  • We provide websites with a fake "user agent" to stop them from profiling your mobile device.
  • We remove searches and webpages after time passes or you suspend the app, so that nobody else can see them.

More information in our Privacy Policy here.

Note: For easy access to Ixquick in your device's browser, you can add the Ixquick icon to your home screen. For more information please click here.

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