How do I use the built-in calculator feature?
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Ixquick is also a calculator, allowing you to perform numerous basic calculations right in the search bar, with additional functionality on the way.

To use Ixquick as your calculator, enter the following syntax into the search bar. If you are looking at a list of search results, Ixquick will perform your calculation without your needing to hit Enter. If you are on the homepage, you will need to hit Enter.


  • Addition (+ or plus): 5 plus three or 9+17
  • Subtraction (- or minus): 10.1 minus eleven or 12-4
  • Multiplication (* or times): pi*3 or 1 times nine
  • Division (/ or divided by): 5/7 or 81 divided by 9
  • Percentage of (% of or percent of): 50% of 100 or 8.5 percent of 150
  • Modulo (mod or %): 12 mod 8 or 15 % 12
  • Exponent (^ or **) 2^12 or 33**5
  • Radical ([nth] root of): 4th root of 64, sqrt(16), cube root of 216, square root of 144
  • Reciprocal, expressed as a decimal (reciprocal of): reciprocal of 11


  • Trigonometric functions, arguments in radians (sin, cos, tan, sec, csc, cot): cos(45), cot(91), cos(pi/5) 
  • Logarithm Base 10 (log): log(47), log(5*pi)
  • Natural Exponential Function (exp): exp(100)


  • e (base of the natural logarithm): e^2
  • pi (ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter) pi*3.75
  • i (imaginary number): i^3



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